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Building a 5 Star Reputation Online

Automatically build your 5 star reputation.  Easy to Use & Setup.

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Local businesses with more reviews online appear more trustworthy to potential customers. Our reputation management system creates a simple way for you to collect feedback from your customers and automatically build your 5 star reputation.

How Does Our Reputation Management System Work?

  1. First, enter your customers name and email address and the system will send them an email with an invitation to complete a review online via a unique link.
  2. Your customer enters the star rating and completes their review of your business.
  3. Our intelligent review routing protects you from negative reviews by flagging negative reviews for immediate attention and routing the customer to a resolution page preventing the negative review from hitting the web. Customers who leave a positive review are encouraged to post their review to an online review site.
  4. We monitor online review sites (like Google & Yelp) and alert you when a new review is posted online.